Better Nature Means Better Food

Organic farming & sustainable practices: key to the future of our food!

Organic, free-range philosophy to farming provides many benefits, such as better quality of life and health for our hens, as well as of course greater nutritive value in food produce (eggs). Thus our own health!

Organic food has quickly gained trend in Cyprus, like most of the world, as we all better realise the benefits to ourselves (health), but also the wider positive implications to Mother Nature.

Initially, organic food was generally considered to be more expensive, yet better quality. Absolutely better quality. However, prices are no longer unrealistic. Organic food is much more accessible these days. And as demand continues to grow, the market will continue to react and offer greater supply.

So what actually is organic food farming?

Organic farming takes a holistic approach, respecting and harnessing the power of nature to achieve positive, healthy and balanced ecology. Working in harmony with nature, limiting harm to the environment, people and animals.

More specifically, organic farming does not utilise artificial chemical fertilisers or pesticides to boost production, but rather uses traditional, natural methods to achieve results. Central to organic farming is placing emphasis on environmental care and animal welfare.

Sustainability in farming – every little bit helps

At Ygea, we celebrate nature and its biodiversity. We treat our free-range and organically-fed animals humanely, whilst always caring for our land with dedicated sustainable measures and environmental best practices.

Sustainability agriculture/farming essentially uses techniques that protect the environment, our health and the welfare of the animal. More efficient processes then become crucial, which also aid in sustaining long-term and better food production. For instance, at Ygea Farm, we grow a portion of our own organic chicken feed. This food is grown from the same bio-land that farms the hens. As such, land is better optimised, whilst logistical requirements are significantly reduced.

Sustainable practices adopted at Ygea Farm include:

  • Reusing and Recycling
  • Energy Efficiency initiatives
  • Water conservation
  • Farm/landscape design aspects, and
  • Growing a percentage of the organic feed for the hens

Document / Additional Material

Van Gorp Organic Food Certificate.pdf
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